Sunday, 24 March 2013

penuh sesawang :-)

i know it's been sometimes..there's something on my know i haven't been the same..since that cold november day...

meminjam lirik one of the greatest pop singers ever alive..the late ms houston..i know..i has been ages..penyakit M datang melanda..what more can i i have been busy & my days are kept busier with the ever bouncy miss zahra khadija...

anyway...the MALAS volcano has erupted  and yes i will try harder to be more proactive..*haisshhhh boleh ke*..

between my kids and classes here and there i do bake at times & now the bakes are becoming more & more frequent and the volume keeps increasing..i'm not complaining :-) Syukur ke hadratNya di atas kurniaan ini..ha ha skema habis...anyway.i am still far from good but i am learning...

thanks to families & friends who are giving continuos support..i love having you around in my life...

the popular items being ordered are congo bars & chocolate chip cookies...i leave you with a few photos to errr...should i say enjoy? he he

enjoy the rest of your sunday you lovely people..or whatever is left of it!!

chocolate chip cookies...

congo bars all boxed up

almond rocher

chocolate chip cookies ready to go

lasagna..(oso got one!!)

chocolate moist cake...

pandan loaf cake*

more congo bars ready to be delivered

congo bars!!

devil's food chocolate cake..

lapis marie cheese with maltesers on top

dark chocolate chips..

more and more chocolate chips

moist chocolate cake

almond rocher

sicilian orange cake

chocolate chip cookies again..

a few hundred boxes of chocolate chip cookies..

homemade chocolates

my little girl who seems to love main masak masak..

homemade chocolates..

my life would be empty without this trio..


  1. Beb... Hey nice to see u blogging again. Keep it up. Keep moving fwd, jgn pandang belakang lagi. Will stay by your side (holding your hands)... Eh celah2 bakes tu ternampak `menantu` hehe

  2. InshaaAllah. .glad ada yang sudi pegang tangan I ni..menantu tu kan mesti enter frame. .what is life without her. ..