Saturday, 30 June 2012

Happy birthday Ayah....

Today is mr hubby's birthday..we did not celebrate much last night except that he read it right..he he..bukan i ni pemalas..tapi dah dia nak masak so i let him be :-) i made for him bingka ubi (yng tak berapa nak menjadi though) instead.. Lately we are not in the mood to celebrate but life is good so far, alhamdulillah.... It's a bright & sunny sunday..supposed to be a malas2 day but i've got tonnes to do today..choc chip cookies & almond rochers must be completed by late i have to make extras for my two teenagers yang sekejap2 masuk dapur & tanya..'ni orang order ke boleh makan?' haissshhh...jap ya..will make more for you guys.. Tengah dok geledah cabinet tempat store my baking supplies baru sedar choc chips dah abis..camana nak buat choc chip cookies?? Kena keluar jugak la gamaknya..... Ps..nak try to upload picture tapi tak dulu la..sat lagi nadia kena tolong :-) he he

Maiden entry

This is so much harder than i think it is...Not so much about the chocolate making but the posting..what should i post..where do i begin?? First i would like to take this opportunity to thank my mum (cheh...macam artis dapat award pulak)..she was the one who inspired me to start making chocolates..the moment i started i immediately fell head over heals in love..dah la memang an avid chocolate lover so i guess the passion comes my thanks go to my hubby, my son azzim & my daughter nadia for giving continuous support..diorang ni la yang jadi 'mangsa' bila ada chocolates yang tak mencapai piawaian..oh..i do have another daughter zahra khadija but she is not allowed to come near the process..let alone eating these chocolates..nanti dah besar baru boleh makan ya my dad, sisters & brothers who are always here when i need them.. Thanks to friends who ordered my homemade chocolates..i really hope you guys enjoyed eating as much as i enjoyed making ' i told you all..they were made with lots of love..kalau tak sedap let me know tapi kalau sedap let others know ok.. Also thanks to friends who are always behind me rain or know who you are.. And with this, i will try to be better at this blogging thingy & insyaallah more posts & pictures will be on the wayyyyy...crossing my fingers :p