Thursday, 28 March 2013

head banging session

"shot through the heart..and you're to blame..darling you give love a bad name..."

errr...i am not into head banging type of rock songs..slow rock tu layan la jugak..speaking of which...i wasn't head banging but i banged my head instead..smack on the wall!! being a klutz that i am..kelam kabut buat housework with a not 100% functional washing machine..i must have silap budget when i wanted to stand up...tau tau kedebummmmmm!! sampai nampak bintang la keliling..right after the 'collision'  terus je recited my name..ic number..oh concussion hence no amnesia...fuhhh legaa!! (cheh over dramatic betul kan??) ha ha..serves me right...a friend of mine ie mama tim gelak sakan tengok my picture with a benjol on the forehead..ha ha..jahat hang tim!!

it was hectic for me that day..i needed to bake 30 boxes of chocolate chip cookies...some macadamian nut chocolate chip cookies (requested by a nut about nuts friend..madam reha..she always said..beli kacang dapat cookies..he he)..and also a congo bar...pening letak tepi...alhamdulillah...i managed to get everything done...

the dough....

macadamian nuts..lots of 'em

the finished products :-)

i also made this congo bar..for a birthday present

as always...when i don't spend time in front of the oven..i devote it to this little girl...who loves to play on a swing...we decided to take her to a park..happy jer naik buai..

but...bila nak balik..this was what happened..(this happens every time..terpaksa la mak buat muka selamba when her voice can be heard across the park!!) ha ha...tengok la muka tu mintak kesian...

takkan spend time dengan adik je kan..27th march was big bro's 20th birthday..went to pick him up at his college & took him to lunch...makan chicken chop :-) happy birthday sayang...

with this..i bid farewell for today..a very challenging day & tomorrow for me...have a great friday uolss..enjoy the weekend!!

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  1. hahahahaa.... and I'm still laughing!!!

    Tak pe darling, sikit je tu! Kalau serious I tak le gelakkan. I nangisssss tau! U take care. Jangan nak mad-rush lagi. Chaiyok with the projek Briyani-60.