Friday, 20 July 2012

salam ramadhan

it's been a long time...i have been preoccupied with a lot of stuff plus the fact that i cannot post pictures using ipad makes it even 'malaser' to write...

anyway tomorrow marks the first day of ramadhan..alhamdulillah selesai terawih pertama even though performed at home..rasa tak sabar2 pulak nak in the light of celebrating ramadhan i made for my kids red velvet didnt turn out as good as it should..i think the cream cheese frosting was a bit too runny..must try again nanti...but this is what the cuppies looked like before & after frosting...

macam tak bole lose weight je puasa ni he he :-)

this past week i have been staying up very late because i only have night time to complete chocolate orders..
this picture was taken at 2am & it was raining cats & dogs...i only have a cup of coffee & anita baker + rod steward for company

alhamdulillah all 240 boxes safely passed on :-)

i also had another order from a very special customer..3 boxes of 48 chocolates...tapi sadly i only managed to get hold of one box & a kurma gift box only...

All pictures were sent via email by my customer..thank you AZS :-)

thank you for trusting me to make your chocolates..hope you guys enjoyed them...

so before i hit the sack..have a great ramadhan...semoga dipenuhi dengan keberkatan...:-)

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